About Lindsi Sanor Fitness

At Lindsi Sanor Fitness my mission is to help everyone live a healthier life. To realize their full potential and abilities, so that they can accomplish more than ever by developing a strong belief in themselves. I strongly believe that if I can get people to dig-deep, both mentally and physically, it’s just a matter of time before they will be able to unleash the full power they never knew they had.

What You Can Expect From Me:

When you become a member and join Lindsi Sanor Fitness you can expect to:

  • Be pushed & motivated to give every workout your all

  • Be held accountable to workout & nutrition goals

  • Have a strong support system

  • Have a PROVEN SYSTEM to work with

  • Heal the relationship you currently have with your body

  • Feel cared for and taken care of

  • Experience crazy, sweat drenching workouts


What I Bring To The Table:

Passion For Fitness = Variety and Creativity 100%
Certified With Strong Knowledge Of Training and Nutrition 100%
Long-term Guidance and Motivation 100%
Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Goals 100%
Honest, Patient, and Understanding 100%

How Do I Get You The Best Results?

Nutrition Goals and Plan
Fitness Goals and Plan
Continued Motivation and Support
YOUR continuous hard work in and out of the gym

Breakdown Of Results

Lindsi’s workouts combine many different moves and is always new and unique. The workouts arealways well balanced and will always kick your butt. She specializes in making things up that are crazy hard and totally unique and even though I don’t think I can do it, I do. She believes in me. I am pushed to do more than I thought I could and encouraged to do more whether it be more weight or go faster with sprints. I can always count on a full body weights, cardio and hearing “stomachs in”.– Trent R.
I love Lindsi’s upbeat personality. Her energy is contagious. If you ask her to kick your butt, she does. If I’m hurting physically, she reminds me to modify. She lives what she preaches and it shows. I’ve seen the majority of trainers in our area and a large percentage don’t walk the walk which is important to me. That’s not to say she isn’t human, which is another aspect of her I love. She loves chocolate, cheats once in a while and I love that too, and I love that she tells us.– Tammie J.
This is the first time I’ve really committed to working out. Lindsi notices how your body moves andmakes corrections for you before you have to say.. “I have a pain here.” She workouts out with youwhen she can…I bet she works out several times a day with her classes to get them motivated. I lovethat she’s a real person, mom, wife and friend. Genuine is a good word to describe Lindsi.– Tauni


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